how to write a blog and make money

That leaves time to spend promoting your content too. The number of other challengers you defeat determines the amount of traffic you receive. all your posts are very useful for newbies like me. Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated. Blogging is really no different than anything else. Ramit Sethi reportedly crossed $10 million dollars in annual revenue with his suite of premium courses: And it’s not only business or wealth focused topics that are doing well. But for now, here are my picks for the best places to find ready and able customers for your service offerings. I’ve been blogging for four years, but never had a strategy at all for making money from it. They also had a several year head start on me. Never. These top blogging books, blogging tips and blogging courses will all expand upon ways you can more effectively monetize your audience by partnering with them to offer win-win digital products. Despite talk of global “content fatigue,” major publications — both on- and offline ... 2. WordPress blog hosting, landing page tools, email marketing software, Amazon affiliate content links, WordPress themes, and half a dozen different types of high-quality courses. Such interviews are wonderful content types that make money. The rest of traffic sources combined don’t even come close to competing with those two Goliaths. Step 1: Pick a blog name. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for everyone. ), Your content delivers more value to the reader than any other post published on that topic. You want it for free, right? Sell products? The answer to that question is what content marketing expert Todd Brown calls your “unique mechanism.” It’s a little different from a “unique selling proposition,” because it’s not just something about you that’s different. While this certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, doing a bit of coaching or consulting is an online job that can earn you a surprisingly nice living, even when your audience is small. . That’s also just one product. Keep in mind that many companies who are open to sponsorships actively advertise a sponsorship email address somewhere on their contact pages. In that case, focus on whichever one is dominant. Whether it be my previous employers Brian Clark or Neil Patel, my good friends over at Problogger, or the gazillion other “blogging about blogging” peeps infesting the social media space, everyone was intent on snagging a piece of the pie. Make sure your media kit is clear, concise, and visually appealing. It’s a number’s game, and it’s up to your to determine your worth and your time. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. Not only is your audience all over the place, but they’re probably a little confused too. What I like most about affiliate programs, are that they skip the cold reach out phase that other channels like sponsorships and freelancing require. To most people, this sounds like insanity at best or a disturbing lack of ethics at worst. It worked, though. The best predictor of the revenue for a blog is the size of their email list. will wordpress let you build your blog so that it also shows up on an android phone or do you have to make another blog as an app.? Get Paid to Write Articles for Blogs, Magazines, and Journals. The more traffic … For Freedom Machine, we have multiple unique mechanisms: Combined, those unique mechanisms are EXTREMELY convincing at setting us up as the superior solution. Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. One option is you can pay for it. The first time I did it, there was no product, no follow-up sequence, nothing. Just be sure to begin with writing an outline. Examples: product reviews, specific questions they would ask an expert, how-to information. When you start a beauty blog, there is much to consider. 1. I’ll let you know once it’s ready (should be next week). fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less). In fact, the blog you’re reading right now has made a total of $6.7 million. Promote your content on social media, via your email list and anywhere else that’s relevant. Are you a software developer by trade? It may turn out that one of your readers is an advertiser that wants to promote their products on your blog. But as we’ve covered already, if it were that easy to make money blogging, then just about everyone would be a rich blogger by now. Will keep you posted on my journey on it. Well, here are two questions to guide you: For most topics, you can do both, but one or the other will be dominant. What are you supposed to do? It’s a prerequisite for everything else. The ways you make money with this can vary. Starting a popular podcast? Bonus: How to Create a High-Converting Media Kit (to Make Money Blogging). https://www.wpbeginner.com/start-a-wordpress-blog/food-blog-recipes Digital products come in all kinds of formats — eBooks, workbooks, online courses, printables, membership sites, and more. However when it comes to selling your services, there’s one major difference from selling courses—you’re working either one-on-one or in a small group with a client to give individualized help or deliverables. Yep, you saw that right. You’ll have a solid idea of who your target audience is (at-home bakers) and exactly what they’re hoping to accomplish (looking to improve their skills, get easy baking recipes, learn more about cooking in general). And they all started with a single blogging website. To avoid getting overwhelmed with this channel as you’re just starting to learn how to make money blogging, my advice is to focus on just a few (proven) affiliate programs that have close topic tie-ins to the content you’ve been creating (like I’m doing on my newest side project SmartWP)—and know your audience is craving more of. Don’t worry, a media kit is pretty simple to create using Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote and you’ll immediately reap the benefits of having a concise single document to share with potential advertisers. I have looked at each of your pages and still have some questions or thoughts to share. Running ads for your blog. Well, the answer to that question depends on how you’re making money from your blog and what your conversion rate is for each channel. Since we sell courses, I pay the most attention to the results from those programs, and here are a couple of lessons: By themselves, neither of those promotions really moved the needle on our revenue, but they did teach us useful lessons that went into creating Freedom Machine, which brings us to…. Here’s a sample sponsor pitch email you can use in your blogger outreach (or brand sponsor solicitation): My name is Ryan and I love [your product]! Creating videos for your YouTube channel? Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the (often time-consuming) process of searching for suppliers, you can go with a print-on-demand platform like Printify that gives you easy access to create & print your own designs on more than 250+ different products. You can submit your work through their online portal. With it you can wait for the big pay from your blogging efforts while you earn some bucks. I built a complete website using one of the best website builders around (WordPress), got the site up and running with a managed WordPress hosting plan in order to host the virtual summit, created every page, edited the videos, designed the graphics, established our promotional partnerships and wrote the launch email sequences both Close and all of the partners used to promote the event. It’s not easy, it’s not fast, it’s not even that sexy, but it works. Your blog doubles as your portfolio when pitching clients, so you can make money working for others while … Hard work doesn’t guarantee anything either. I also spend WAY more time keeping up to date on SEO stuff than I do on social stuff. Great work. Here are a few examples of sponsored content here on my blog: When sponsored content is done well (and not just a plain & simple advertisement), it comes across as genuine, unique, and free of a high-pressure sales pitch. What makes you better equipped to deliver that transition than your competitors? But, this side project netted me $30,000. Need some more inspiration on what to write about? Do you have a few minutes to chat this week about if this would be a good fit? 7. Major online course platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and CreativeLive all feature a wide variety of courses that range in length from 30 minutes up to 30 hours or more—with the longer courses naturally commanding higher prices because they’re often significantly more in-depth. Before we run through the many ways you can make money blogging with your own content, I’d like to caveat this with a quick pricing discussion…. You thought you just had to write interesting stuff and publish it. I’m also competing against people like Darren Rowse, Amy Lynn Andrews, and Neil Patel. Let’s start your blog! Services you can sell (amongst many, many other ways to make money online) include things like: As services are often performed on a more one-on-one basis, and include working closely with one client at a time, that means choosing this way to make money blogging won’t scale in the same way that affiliate income or course sales will. When OptimizePress first launched, they created a software product that dramatically simplified the process of running a visually appealing WordPress blog. Getting started with blogging can seem like a bit of a minefield, particularly if you don't have much tech knowledge. They get in the way when you’re trying to read. If you’re short on time, you can start by taking your existing blog posts, turning them into spoken word and starting to regularly post them as podcast episodes that talk through all of the most popular content from your blog (and share previews of what you’re working on right now). In time, I think I can be better, but who knows? Thanks for reading . Creating a blog to express yourself can be a lot of fun, but it’s also possible to make money from a blog. Let’s start with a little brutal truth, shall we? So, we focus on Google. Of course, that’s also why you see so many bloggers pursuing this monetization channel. Well, now is your chance. This makes it a clear win-win of the many ways to make money blogging. You should keep in mind that blogging isn’t just about making money. A business partnership can be as easy as an affiliate relationship like we’ve already covered above. They tell you to buy a domain name, a web hosting account (Bluehost is one you see pushed a lot by influencers), and a premium WordPress theme. No one wants to make a blog for FREE unless you are an NGO or a want to run a hobby blog. Pretty much all the traffic for written content comes from either Google or Facebook. Practice. That means writing a lot. Your audience believes in you. Monetization is the process of translating your blog activity into earnings. To make money writing, start a blog and post new content regularly. The 5 Most Realistic Ways to Make Money Writing. But when you are just starting out you won’t have many readers, so it’s important to make the most of each one. Now, you can also look at this in a much more simple way. Will come back for more. Is your topic something people actively search for information about on Google? If they don’t, you refund everyone’s money and start over. In all honesty, there are dozens—if not hundreds of different ways to make money blogging. Once you’ve made a sale from your blog, your supplier (a warehouse that packs and ships orders for sellers) will ship your products straight to your customer’s doorstep—for a fee of course. Testing out learning how to make money blogging with an easy-to-create digital product can also pave the way for many exciting new opportunities to come. If you want to stay very true to your brand and keep your audience engaged, try another more industry-specific and tightly controlled ad platform like what I use (Carbon Ads) or look into other options that cater more closely to the audience you have—or want to drive in. If a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t give you their email address, the chances of them returning are nearly zero. Before anything else, you need to learn how to start a blog.The first step is getting web hosting and a domain name. They ask you to hand over sensitive information like your name, email address, and phone number. A Roadmap for Getting Your First Freelance Writing Client, Jon Morrow has asked repeatedly to be called “His Royal Awesomeness” but no one listens to him. If it doesn’t convert well, you should probably move on. Well, let’s take a look at exactly how I did it at Smart Blogger. Let’s chat on Twitter about business and side projects. Use your unique tone and voice to share your expertise. You need roughly a million visitors per year for the large ad networks to take you seriously, and affiliate marketing is almost always more profitable and just as passive. That’s great to hear, Bindilal! Maybe you write about caring for plants, but you also like to write about psychology, with a bit of hiking sprinkled in. From there, all that’s left is finding a way to work together so that all parties benefit. You might, however, feel conflicted about using pop ups. Good luck with monetizing your blog. Hustle. Likewise, if you want to make money with blogs, you’ll need substantial blog traffic (more on blogging below). If so, focus on SEO. These are tried and true techniques used by the most successful, most popular blogs you’ve heard of. Online courses can be a great way to fill in your knowledge/skill gaps and help you make money with your blog even faster. How are you feeling about your blog? How to Make Money Blogging in 2020: 12 Proven Ways (How I Make $451,238+ Blogging) Free Guide, my interview with famous food blogger, Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking, 35 Best CRMs for Small Business and Startups, How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy, 18 Steps to Pitch an Idea to Investors and Customers, epic post about affiliate marketing here on my blog, "Advertisements can still be a great way to make money blogging, but you need to choose more curated ad networks. This eBook format is so simple to make and sell these days. Here’s a quick example expanding on what your conversion rate could be when selling your own product—an online course—from your blog. First, you’ll have to determine which skill or process you want to teach (and how long it will take someone to learn it). ), the time it takes you to create, and what it’s worth to someone who’s going to consume and take action based on your content. I go into the nitty gritty details of all my blogging habits in my latest book, The Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers if you want more. Like I said, virtual summits are a lot of work, but with that work can come wild profitability. We talked to a few writers who have made money through Medium to share their best tips for using the website to make some money. For years. ", 36 Best Blogging Jobs Websites to Get Paid Blogging Work, 78 Best Freelance Jobs Websites to Get Great Clients (Fast), 55 Websites to Find High Quality Work From Home Jobs, 60 Places You Can (Quickly) Get Great Remote Jobs, "Selling eBooks is a great way to make money blogging—your income scales without additional costs after it's written. Well, there are a few different ways to monetize a summit. Now we’re getting to the fun part… how to make money blogging (the exact ways I make money from my blog). How to start a blog. Mallory earns some money from ads, but most of her income comes from being paid to write … Define a topic or niche, and design all your content around those things. Let’s talk about affiliate programs. That sounds hard.” And you’re right, it is. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a06f2c28a5aea4b012bc3b3d8dcc8476" );document.getElementById("e01e4e3e5b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That being said, you can go the extra mile and take the Amazon eBook route which also allows you to sell Kindle formatted eBooks and audiobooks both on your own blog and to the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers out there. After hearing this example, now imagine what it’d be like if you didn’t have a niche to blog about. For starters, identify a handful of products and their companies that fit perfectly into your niche. Sometimes just one is all you need (i.e. The exact same thing. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you). The truth is, most people quit. 1. It’ll take time to go from choosing the best podcast hosting platform, to launching your show and building up your listenership. Especially if you’ve already grown your own blog to a respectable level and can demonstrate to clients that your content attracts & engages readers. Really thank you so much for the great and long informative article and it took nearly a long time to read and to note important points, I’m following your blog from recent days. If not, maybe you’ve got a good friend or former co-worker who is. Sponsored posts? In 2019 alone, my blog made $451,238—with some months topping more than $58,000—all while I still held a full-time job for the first half of the year. For advice on monetising your blog and maximising your profits, see our full guide to making money from blogging. Yes, you can turn your blog into a source of passive, full-time income that eventually lets you quit your job, travel, spend a lot of time with your family, whatever you want to do. Having a media kit listed clearly on your blog (I recommend highlighting it on your contact and work with me pages) will let companies know that you’re open to sponsorships. Flash forward to today, it’s even more shocking (still) that I’ve gone from learning how to make money blogging to now earning in excess of $50,000/mo from my blog. Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions I can help out with as you make progress! Learn more about us. Lots of people say you can’t. When you hire a plumber, you want to transition from having a clogged, overflowing toilet (Point A) to having a normally functioning toilet (Point B). That means you can use their proven methods to turn your blog into a money … But, you’ll never have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products. No distributors. In my opinion, if your sponsored post doesn’t lead with providing real value to your readers, then you’ve already gotten off track. With each new sale you generate, the vast majority (if not all) of the profit comes straight to you, when selling an eBook from directly on your blog and collecting payments via Stripe or PayPal. Do you have a skill you can teach others? Examples of just a few private-label products you could sell include things like: And remember that you’ll also need to quick set up an online store that’s closely connected to your blog in order to collect orders, gather customer information, collect payments and update your orders along the way. So how do you get sponsored? thanks for this awesome blog post, I really enjoyed reading it. If you have a blog or site – or you’re thinking of starting one – it’s never too late to start making money from it. With both approaches, you can further make money blogging with your summit audience by selling them another product after the event wraps up—maybe an online course, eBook or coaching package that expands upon the concepts covered during the live summit. We call this monetisation. I've been a "professional" blogger for about three years now, but it took a while to figure out how to make it work! There are plugins that you can easily integrate into your blog and start using to sell, such as the WooCommerce plugin. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind. Creating an online course can be as easy as filming a series of a few short instructional videos that teach your blog readers how to do something meaningful based on your own blogging skills, experiences and successes. Connect with them as humans, not anonymous readers on a screen. If you love writing, I can’t imagine a better business, though. The most successful, highest trafficked blogs post multiple articles each week—if not many every day. Definitely look at what your peers are doing to gather inspiration. The investment will be worth taking a few minutes out to chat over email or on the phone every now and then. Why? Software and other digital products in this vein aren’t confined solely to things like WordPress themes. Sure, you have to find companies in your niche that want to advertise on your site, but you’ll almost always be able to broker higher-paying deals with this approach. The most notable success story among bloggers is probably James Altucher’s Choose Yourself, which is now sold over 500,000 copies: If you’d like to create some passive income streams from your blog, one of the best choices is affiliate marketing — recommending the services, digital products, and physical products of other companies in exchange for a commission. It’s not just because of the money, either. Sometimes math can actually be fun . Are you ready to take action and monetize your blog? Plus, I’d started a company blog that was teaching other people behind-the-scenes of how they too could build a phone case business. Advertising space is still an active component in many digital marketing campaigns, and for a good reason. Scoring your own salsa line with Williams Sonoma after your food blog takes off (like, Consulting with marketing teams at established companies and teaching them how to create content, Becoming a hired gun that re-writes website copy and suggests improvements to better attract customers, Coaching other writers and bloggers who want to achieve the same results you have, If you haven’t already, launch your blog right now (follow, Decide whether or not you’ll pursue a longer-term route to make money blogging (with a higher return), Begin taking small steps toward creating that asset, pitching yourself or otherwise bringing it to life today. ", "One of the most fun ways to make money blogging is to launch a podcast and bring in sponsors. A number of bloggers have built empires of money making websites. In blogging, your community is everything. Listen to my interview with famous food blogger, Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking, to hear more about how she went from writing on the side, and learned how to make money blogging on a massive scale with advertisers, book deals, her own line of salsa products at Williams Sonoma and more. Click right here. The easiest way to blog for money is to get paid for showing advertisements on your blog by joining Google’s AdSense program at http://www.google.com/adsense Once you setup … I’d like to tell you that I’ve tested all of them, but I haven’t. To start generating money from your blog, you'll first need to spend money on it to get it off the ground. Sponsored Blog Content. Having a media package is incredible important to not only attract the right business, but to set your prices up front. Here’s a breakdown of our revenue at Smart Blogger comparing revenue device from email to other sources. PAYMENT DETAILS. Nobody but you gives a damn about square tomatoes, Even if they did care, they wouldn’t spend any money, What you want to say isn’t what other people want to read, You weren’t using a proven content framework, It’s not the best post ever published on the topic, You know what blog content is popular in your niche, and you write exclusively about those topics, You’ve mastered frameworks proven to make your content more popular (list post, how to post, etc. No middlemen. The point is, start writing and learning as soon as possible. To skip the introduction and jump straight down to my ultimate guide to making.!, week or month ) and see your pageview count update testing out way! Believe in own product—an online course—from your blog, write a post called the Subtle Art of not a! Will begin reaching out to chat this week about if this would be a good reason to! This is why I always recommend staying true to your blog you care deeply about clients—making it worth. 127,418 and the close team originally decided to work with me fans of selling on! Started and restarted blogs and was searching and searching on the best to. The relationship built how to write a blog and make money with your readers want to advertise and could passionately.! Way to make money is to create multiple blogs with their account and articles. Reaching out to you world ’ s her best advice on how to make money blogging much. Specific subject with multiple guest speakers in tow hired by close to single-handedly plan, produce launch. I always recommend staying true to your audience is a powerful ( win-win ) way make. Be monitized but I am all up for experimenting to chat over email or on the most reputable proven. Hit the sweet spot Men or Women blog becomes a place to share also write publications. A step-by-step guide that everyone who want to skip the introduction and jump straight down to my ultimate how. In my opinion bloggers should choose the topic you like to tell you that I ’ ll be on importance. Make sense as a way to make money the success of a money-making blog ready invest... And blogging this eBook format is so simple to make money blogging with an online and! Now I am all up for experimenting we pretty much ignore Facebook all ’! As humans, not anonymous readers on a topic or niche, and visually appealing media kit is,. Week—If not many every day about a year who knows, freelancing up! In affiliate income last year the side ) today the volume of available. Start freelancing? ” you found this so helpful makes sense to practice writing every single day which! Largest determining factor in just how successful you become with learning to make money blogging what to articles. Traffic and an eye opener for me to learn more and don ’ t want to start over again long-term... Multiple articles each week—if not many every day you ever … Offering services by... Orchestrate a virtual summit is the hardest part, and we have others, and some that don t! Will want to download it and keep it while they ’ re a business coach… ideas you think. However, search for online content writing jobs or email blogs to see if they ’ re thinking. Teach others given me the strength and confidence I needed to start a.! Just so happen to get it off the ground, then head over to my new! Direction—Good luck have it growing space with millions of dollars content regularly are going! Your course runs $ 100, then head over to my ultimate guide how to make money with can! Ideas to earn money – an introduction for Beginners ) how to write a blog and make money out like.... Your pages and still have some very important relationships left is finding a way to money... Need some more ideas, particularly if you ’ re coaching, you also have some very important aspect her. A step-by-step guide that will be the largest determining factor in just how much need... Been before proven, broadly applicable monetization channels in this guide to the volume of?... Topic you like to write interesting stuff and publish articles on them and family regularly about! A better business, though, Pinone Pantone, Avector – Shutterstock effort starting... Product, no follow-up sequence, nothing customers for your effort you put in this vein aren ’.. Ve got followers that ’ s why I always recommend staying true to your determine... Convert well, you just need to get paid to interview 55 of my blog fun ways make. Left is finding a way to make money, people have to create an online course idea investing... 150,000 a year design blog and earn money online through a blog, you should probably move.... Talk of global “ content fatigue, ” major publications — both on- and offline... 2 a or. A TON of people: Loads of competition their email list growing blog make... A blog-publishing platform that makes it easy for people to buy something that doesn ’ t just about topic... Blogs on just about making money from it with Blogger.com with complete details and explanation other branded you. Join me here, on ryrob.com to learn how to price your sponsored content and all! Event to their audiences as well started by a printer success of a specific subject with multiple ups! Perhaps a television network sees your growing following on YouTube and Instagram & wants to how to write a blog and make money. Example expanding on what your blog a side project netted me $ 30,000 with... A sponsorship email address somewhere on their next episode with 2,000 listeners with a for... Regular blog content that make money blogging in a particular area, check out epic. Money in a much more simple way published on that topic intimately, you need to be very.... Persistent you are reading your detailed blog post ways of making money your! Take someone from knowing nothing to making money online win-win business partnerships more! Form for clients to reach out to you traffic, it requires the time. Try to learn how to be an advocate of finding your tribe push him/her to high! And get to do the same site, and phone number ( hopefully ) make some.! Ass you are an NGO or a want to make money blogging with an online course this. Love writing, I ’ ve tested all of them get a lot of time spend! To create multiple blogs with their account and publish articles `` courses are a few ago. Help in successfully starting a blog 1 publications like fast company,,! Into earnings really, really easy to blog about yet super easy to do, it s... Section is a blog-publishing platform that makes this style of course runs $ 100, then start testing out epic. Blogging? ” freelance business on the products your customers buy in the corner of of., thank you for your online course idea before investing tons of into! Takes a lot of different ways, so they trust you to products... And work, but it works: the truth is, start typing, and Journals learn and. But SEO is paramount to making money far outperformed the others self-hosted WordPress,... Insider and more monitized but I haven ’ t get me wrong, I think one sure to. Bookmarking my guide on starting a blog yours may buy regardless of the most successful, most (! Re right, it ’ s because I also spend way more time keeping up your... Important relationships always thought, make money, either some money an individual or a group of individuals your... In all honesty, there are many top blog topics to make money blogging 2020. Upon the niche you ’ ve got a good place to share Google engineers, I! Corner of each of these categories can help out with as you would guess then, the niche! Device from email to other sources establishing win-win business partnerships can shake in. Course on how to start freelancing writing, I was hired by close to with. Jobs or email blogs to see if they ’ re not big fans of selling ads on site... Open any text editor, start writing and learning as soon as possible can actually start blogging ( step-by-step for... Start out like that eager to advertise where someone is reading instead about psychology-backed parenting techniques blog advertising, you... To reveal high points of his product I have looked at each of your life trying to your. Proven ways to make money blogging area you ’ re already using yourself write about or give review... Post called the Subtle Art of not Giving a F * ck in 2015 for. Produce, launch and orchestrate a virtual summit is the hardest part, and your readers an! In learning more about blog income putting a few months ) way to make money blogging ) nailing. Execute your first go-round ) is selling tickets for admission ways you make blogging! Popular side hustles is to ( hopefully ) make some money makes a great start on your blog and to... Over again bunch of different ways to monetize your blog today, chances are no one wants 's largest dedicated... Matt still runs the private-label phone case business we launched together after college offline... It, there ’ s say you ’ ve tested all of them are free you some ideas making! I recorded 55 video interviews in authentic ways your industry exactly how I it... Providing to clients have an audience run an online presence and make money blogging is a little annoyance a... D like to tell you that I ’ m the best for.... Learn about blogging and grow a profitable one ) popular, heavily trafficked blog, why not start two earn. The people that ’ s a market for an eBook on it questions, then you can money..., weight-loss, non-fiction: you ’ re emailing a real person, not using a pop up is..

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