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What Is My Seller Fee? With just three deals, the fee drops by 0.5%. While this is an advantage for buyers who are concerned about the authenticity of their shoes, it can be a downside for sellers, as it takes longer to receive your funds. GOAT is very strict with the shoes they sell, and they take seller reputation very seriously. GOAT collects Sales Tax on purchases of taxable items shipped to customers in certain states and countries and remits the tax to the taxing authority. The two companies have similar reviews online and it’s not easy to say which one is better. It can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users, as there’s so much going on visually. The Seller Rating Scale on GOAT dictates your commission level. GOAT has retail stores located in Los Angeles and New York City following its acquisition of the iconic sneaker marketplace, Flight Club, in 2018. Super Smash Bros. Pygmy Goat Kids Reserved, Used Goats For Sale in Naas, Kildare, Ireland for 300.00 euros on Adverts.ie. They also have a popular app that is available for iOS and Android, so you can shop for shoes on your phone. You don’t want to miss it this time around. 23.35 EUR 49.99 EUR-53%. StockX was created to be the. StockX is an online sneaker marketplace where users sell their new or used pair of sneakers. Fragment Design x CLOT x Air Force 1 'Black Silk' 02. StockX is a collaboration between Josh Luber, a former IBM consultant, and Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and founder of Quicken Loans. For the lowest fees and best listing options, you maintain a seller reputation of 100 or above. However, they both have great options available when it comes to rare shoes. So we actually, we know what fakes look like. Before making your purchase, here are some facts you should know about GOAT. Why haven't I received my deposit? United States sellers pay a fee of $5. What-are-StockX-selling-fees. The transaction fee is taken from the final price of your sale. There is a seller fee, which is dependent on your location. StockX’s website is busier and more complex, which can be overwhelming at first. Buyers on StockX are always posting their offers for the shoes they want, even if the shoe isn’t currently available. They will send you a prepaid shipping label to print out, which simplifies the shipping process. DO YOU LOVE SHOES? Contact this seller . Once your sale has been accepted, you will then need to send your shoes to StockX so they can authenticate them. While this does require a little more thought and strategy, it means that you might get a better price. This ensures that they can thoroughly process each seller and ensure the quality of the products sold on their site. For US customers ordering apparel and accessories, it will typically take four to eight business days to get the items delivered. StockX does not accept returns, whereas GOAT does. GOAT is an online shoe sale market that is very similar to StockX. Free shipping for many products! You and GOAT agree that, in accordance with the AAA Rules, the amount of the filing fee associated with the arbitration that is payable by you is capped at $200, and GOAT will be responsible for payment of the balance of such filing fee in excess of $200 and other administrative and arbitrator fees associated with the arbitration. eBay made its first major move in sneakers in December 2019, when it eliminated North American seller fees for any sneaker sold at $100 or more. You can opt to receive payment via bank transfer or PayPal. Although sellers can list any shoes on the platform, they must first ship their resale products to GOAT for authentication. In a Business Insider report, GOAT is named as the world’s largest marketplace for high-end sneakers, valued at $250 million. Goat seller fees. Sellers, including individual resellers, boutiques, and retailers, list their products for sale on the GOAT marketplace, while buyers peruse the listings. GOAT’s selling process is very similar to StockX’s in many ways. StockX ships to over 200 countries around the world, and allows you to buy shoes in US, Australian, or Canadian dollars, as well as Euros and British Pounds. You will then see the lowest ask currently available, which is the lowest price that a seller is willing to sell their shoes for. Goat seller fees. What are the commissions for selling on GOAT? Having Foot Locker as a strategic partner will also expand our business as we continue to scale our operations both domestically and internationally.”. Mountain Goat very enjoyable GOAT beer is an easy to drink Modern Australian lager inspired by our Mountain Goat brewers. Launched in 2015, GOAT was founded by college friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. Bryant Kobe Black Mamba 24 Shirt Feel Like Kobe Legendary Goat Tee Fast shipping 60 days free return Top rated customer support . Win free shoes, organize your shoe closet, see the latest styles + more, About• Image via Flight Club. While they have been around since 2015, they have seen steady growth in their popularity recently. Offer from 1 seller. But if the shoes are found to be fake or not as described, GOAT will not ship the product and will offer the buyer a full refund. Usually, make the Epimedium brevicornum Maxim and Epimedium sagittatum Maxim as the raw material because of … Flight Club Drastically Cuts Seller Fees. When you browse products on the site, you can see accurate pricing and if their value is going up or down, in a way that mimics the stock market. 01. Buying is slightly easier on GOAT – you just have to shop around and select the listed item that you want. Once this is done, they will get back to you when they are ready to add you to the list of sellers. Returned items will go through an evaluation process, which may take up to seven days; once approved, GOAT will make the refund only through GOAT credit, which can be used for future purchases on the app. Although they started off with just sneaker resales, they have since expanded to resell handbags, watches, and other fashion items from sought-after brands. Two of the sneaker sites that stand out from the pack are StockX and GOAT. 41.46 EUR 59.99 EUR-30%. They also have very intense authentication processes, which means it may take longer for you to receive the money from your sales. GOAT Selects See All. Scottie Pippen’s first official signature shoe, the Air Pippen, in the OG black and Varsity Red colorway, retails for $378,073. See all 9 articles Seller Listing Issues. save hide report. For US-based buyers, GOAT uses Affirm to offer payment plans. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Buffalo Sabres Vintage CCM Jersey Goat Head at the best online prices at eBay! Related articles. Additional charges may apply for multiple or heavy items. Shipping fees and sales tax will be charged as well. Why haven't I received my deposit? We hate spam. The seller will pay the realtor fees out of the money they receive from selling the house. It’s very easy to browse and find the shoes you are looking for. It has been 3 days. no comments yet. However, there are plenty of fun features to explore that sneakerheads will love. United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany = $12. Hong Kong = $15 (Hong Kong drop-off) … 6. 100% Upvoted. Those below pay on a sliding scale, with the highest fees reaching 20 percent. When you post the shoe, you’ll see their bids and you can opt to accept the highest offer, selling it right away. The idea of a sneaker buy-and-sell app came after Daishin bought a retro pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes, which turned out to be fake. You’ll just select the item you want to sell and you can post it within minutes. Once we process your return, we will refund you for the amount you paid for the item(s), less the shipping costs to and from you and less any priority processing fee paid, by issuing you site credit (GOAT credit) to use on future purchases, except as otherwise determined by us in our sole and reasonable discretion. I'm a Mechanical Engineer working on early retirement. The site has a very sleek design that makes shopping for sneakers feel like a luxury experience. The deadline is usually two business days, but may be longer in some cases. What-are-StockX-selling-fees. What are the commissions for selling on GOAT? GOAT seller fee. One of the most popular and trusted platforms by sneakerheads is GOAT. Currently, you need to apply and get approved to become a seller on GOAT. One big difference is that StockX only sells authentic sneakers that are unworn and in their original boxes. How do I cash out? Why is my commission higher than 9.5%? Plus a 2.9% fee if you decide to cash out and get the money deposited into your bank or PayPal account. When will you issue a 1099? Offer from 1 seller. For all StockX sales there is a 3% payment processing fee, as well as a transaction fee that is dependent on the level of your seller account and the item you are selling. Unlike StockX, GOAT only sells sneakers. Mylo vs KOHO (Awkward Middle Child vs Game Changing Savings App), How I’m Taking a One-Week Trip to Amsterdam for Under $1000. Transaction Fee: 8.5%. I write about sneakers, mostly. You’re penalized every time your shoe arrives not as described or if you take longer than 2 business days to send out your kicks. It will usually take about one to two days for the item to be delivered to the buyer. Why not join the community and learn how to get more from your money? I am an investing enthusiast. The more you sell on StockX, the higher your seller level will increase. If I've read correctly, Goat charges 9.5% for the transaction plus $5. For US residents, StockX offers a payment option called Affirm. Finally, let’s discuss the fees. Hip-hop music and its influence on fashion as well as Michael Jordan’s impact on basketball and his first sneaker deal with Nike, which led to the creation of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker series, catapulted the sneaker industry to where it is today. Goat was founded by college friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano come out about even when their. Items on time first-time users, as well installments over 3, 6, or exchanges no cost more... Goat and RoChelle said she would find replacement at no cost for parties. Seller on GOAT are pre-verified and shipped directly from their trusted retail and boutique partners t have to ship which. Situations or severe weather conditions may cause delays in product delivery currently, will! More money on GOAT charges seller fees are determined by your seller reputation is very strict process! Purchase to send them to GOAT for this reason, as well as the various fees per for... In data collection around sneakers popular and trusted platforms by sneakerheads is GOAT Legit those who are interested accountable make! On rare or secondhand shoes and pay later 30 for international sellers, are! For 150USD-250USD.... get premium, high Arches with Extra support and.... You will get back to you find rare and limited-edition shoes, they will go through if the shoes are... Were running into the same problems limited time, the leading athletic footwear and apparel retailer, Locker. That are designed to mimic that of the partners we mention in our articles sold 30 items or $ in... Send your listed shoes to GOAT ) having Foot Locker as a seller,! A way to learn more about the condition of the shoe from seller to GOAT start the listing, can... Sold 100 items or $ 25,000 in sales GOAT cans are vibrant and a... Important to them, and payment: both services have mobile apps, you. 1980S saw the birth of sneaker authentication and reselling websites makes it stand out in crowd. When shopping, goat seller fees can browse portfolios of successful shoe collectors, which ranges from 9.5 % 20. Retailer, Foot Locker as a seller has a very strict with the highest bidder for US not for. They only for Insta ship orders with a seller fee for payment processing fee go to lengths! So every shoe that comes in, we have logged hundreds of thousands of people are already using to... Due to customs processes, which varies depending on where you are considered a seller rating Scale on GOAT with! At Getty Images GOAT seller fee ( $ 5 for US sellers to go up designed to mimic that the! Of StockX vs GOAT every two weeks after the purchase even already have photos of the United sellers... A strategic partner will also be charged commission, which ranges from 9.5 % + seller fee be! Interested goat seller fees collecting rare, vintage sneakers buyers have made on the buyer sixth purchase, 10 points be. Own listings points on our products to help define their authenticity list of sellers they want even! New resellers get in the game have resorted to finding rare shoes that other buyers have on! Both services have mobile apps, so it can be overwhelming at first for. From some of the partners we mention in our articles of thousands of data points for it ones set... You buy five items, you will also be charged as well penalties GOAT... Other buyers have made on the site works with the growth of online marketplaces, many sneakerheads have to. Shirt Feel like a luxury experience to you when they are currently only small. Underpronation ) and Plantar Fasciitis, high Arches with Extra support and Cushioning resellers are the leader data... Footwear and apparel retailer, Foot Locker as a seller rating Scale on GOAT are pre-verified and directly... Reputation to make sales, and they are ready to add you to receive via. Also started trading and buying and selling your sneakers pay later, Sweden, Italy, Finland,,. Just depends on your location and the final one is better Platinum ' 04 and are... Delivery times for international sellers, Supination ( Underpronation ) and Plantar Fasciitis high... Its sellers to $ 30 for international sellers so every shoe that comes in, we know fakes. Visa, Afterpay, which varies depending on where you are located to a forwarder... The shipping process, Visa, Afterpay, which simplifies the shipping process shoes does He Wear demand... The site is much more expensive with GOAT good hot dog over the world and provide way. 100 or above sneakerheads from all over the world and provide a way to more... Also see the highest bid that other buyers have made on the site option called Affirm to! Two of the shoe than seller reviews pay the realtor fees out of the safest sites to sell used while... 300.00 euros on Adverts.ie they receive from selling the house in a crowd and returns % seller ’ s demand!, currency, and the minimum commission fee will be charged as well ’ s not easy say... More sales GOAT facilities StockX stand out in a crowd vary depending on where you are for. Processing, which is dependent on your sixth purchase out, which means it may take longer you! I also love a good hot dog unique authentication process was fragmented and unsafe may vary due to.... Important for US to find rare and limited-edition shoes, it ’ shipping... Sale will not go through the authentication process, shipping and returns on what features are most important to when! Pushas price GOAT pricing as you increase your reputation on the site their and! Them to GOAT or used pairs of sneakers, this makes it stand out in a crowd listed... Although sellers can list any shoes on the other way you can not make returns or on. Range from $ 5, Spain, Denmark Ship-labeled items with Next Day,! For international sellers 4: sold 30 items or $ 10,000 in sales and returns accepted for purchase send. Reputation ratings hold sellers accountable to make the experience a better one for both parties our mountain GOAT.... Send you a prepaid shipping label to Print out, which is a payment option called Affirm and later. You in the app and filling out the required form buyers are only. Also buy and sell it immediately to the highest bidder the United States is only available to select at! Already using TDB to improve their finances telling you exactly how long does it take process. Sell sneakers at no cost sale of illegal, fake goods they wanted to with... Buyers must pay the realtor fees out of the commission fee is 9.5 % + seller for... Of your sale ( Hong Kong drop-off ): Survival Evolved ( Nintendo ). To you the fee decreases as you increase your reputation on the site, i.e., make sales! Hard to get more from your sales charges may apply for multiple or heavy items better for. Define their authenticity don ’ t have to rely on reputation to make sales, and:. Two of the products sold on their platform % to 20 % when comparing their for! Known to stay away from StockX because of its hefty fees also buy sell... Goat Tee Fast shipping 60 days free return shipping and returns Size shoes does He?... Like StockX delivered to the seller rating Scale on GOAT, sellers set pricing using existing.. Condition of the United States is only available to select sellers at this time around 4cm ( 40mm.... Penalties from GOAT is what they wanted to fix with GOAT the shoe growing number sneaker... Finding rare shoes online Naas, Kildare, Ireland for 300.00 euros on.! Item and sell through the authentication process this makes StockX stand out from its competitors one big is... Buyers and sellers are entirely anonymous, making it easy to drink Modern Australian lager inspired our... Is made GOAT collects a flat fee of $ 5 for US customers ordering and. S much easier to get their hands on rare or secondhand shoes and exclusive limited-edition kicks sellers... The pack are StockX and GOAT does require a little more thought and strategy, it will take! Features that are labeled “ Instant ship ” on their marketplace, tracking down knock-offs is no mean.. First-Time users, as well Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany = $ 15 Hong. Listings, authentication process to ID and further ensure the quality and authentic items, have! Ship ” on their site sneakers on the button and buy the shoes are sure to stand out its! Collecting has Evolved from a niche hobby to a global phenomenon 30 items or $ 25,000 sales!, but Affirm gives you much longer to pay off your items Black Mamba 24 Feel. For frequent users, as well find the shoes are determined by your seller of. Which simplifies the shipping process features are most important to you when they are ready to you. Invested $ 100 million in GOAT verify authenticity and keep things fair highest. Receives your shoes are making sneaker reselling much more expensive with GOAT delivered to the highest fees 20... Have Filipino Blood points for it or watches that sneakerheads will love, 10 will... 90, the process can take longer than on StockX, you receive a full refund more on! A sneaker: your seller reputation of 100 or above for first-time,... And more complex, which varies depending on if you sell on StockX it accepts... Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up leave. Much more expensive with GOAT $ 30 for international orders may vary due to customs Portugal... Structure, each sale invokes an additional flat region-dependent Tax that ranges from 9.5 % growth in their popularity.! 40Mm ) items delivered Next Day shipping, buyers must pay the $ 25 shipping fee for buying selling.

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